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                    Yinhe products appeared on CCTV news


                    Yinhe products appeared on CCTV news

                          Chongqing Yinhe Experimental Equipment Co., LTD adheres to the principle of creating value for customers, sticks to the philosophy of quality first and contributes its light and heat to boom the national industry. On February 19, 2012, CCTV news took "Military sci-tech boosts the national economy" as the title to report China Electronics Technology Group. The high-low temperature test chamber (model: KWGD605) appearing in the report for increasing the reliability and environmental suitability of the military sci-tech product is one of the environment test equipment produced by our company. With advanced technology and excellent quality, Yinhe products in ten military industry groups such as electronic, aerospace, aviation, weapons, ships, nuclear industry and in the realm of automotive, communications and others win the high affirmation of users.
                          This report fully embodied the widespread application of our products in various industries and the leading position in the environment test industry. Yinhe is trying to become the best environment and reliability equipment suppliers and solution provider in the world, and to win customers’ trust. At the same time, our products with excellent performance, stable and reliable quality, and easy-to-use features play an important role in the field of environment and reliability test. Yinhe contributes its strength for the Chinese products transformed from “Made in China” to “Created in China”!

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                    Chongqing Yinhe Experimental Equipment CO.,LTD. 2012 渝ICP備09054543號 技術支持:Hansa
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