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                    2016 The Fourth Equipment Environmental Engineering Developm


                        2016 The Fourth Equipment Environmental Engineering Development Forum is hold in Heifei

                        The forth equipment environment engineering development forum will be hold in Hefei on 20th~22th, October, 2016. This forum is sponsored by the National Defense Science and Technology Association (China Ordnance Society, Chinese society of aeronautics and astronautics, Chinese Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, Chinese Nuclear Society,  Chinese Society of Astronautics and Chinese Institute of Electronics) and the Chinese Society for Corrosion and Protection. 
                        The equipment environment engineering development forum is one of the highest in academic level and biggest in scale on the equipment environment engineering in China now. The forum is an effective platform to study the theory and exchange the application, achievement and experience, which has a significant influence in the field of domestic equipment environment engineering. This forum gathers the well-known experts and academicians from the fields of aerospace, aviation, ship, weapon, electronics, nuke industry, petroleum, automobile, household appliances and so on.
                        Chongqing Yinhe participated in the second magazine editorial board meeting of Equipment Environment Engineering and the forth session of the second national council as one of the organizers. Yinhe listened attentively the reports from the specially invited experts and academicians, communicated actively with the experts and users about the questions of environment tests, and also gave live demonstrations of our self-developed testing equipment and climatic environment testing project cases.
                        The forum this time helps Chongqing Yinhe to know more about the requirements of users and markets, and also deepens understanding between customers in various industries and Yinhe. Yinhe devotes to providing the industry solutions and the environment and reliability test equipment with the characters of leading design, safety, environment protection, energy saving and reliability. Yinhe also makes unremitting endeavor to provide more applicable and better products for the customers.
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