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                    Chongqing Yinhe Participation in the Russian International


                        2018.8.21~8.26  The fourth Russian military exhibition. Chongqing Yinhe welcomes your arrival.( Russian Federation Armed Forces patriotism Convention and exhibition center base D hall 4B1-3, Moscow *Kubinka)

                        Chongqing Yinhe will participate in the grand meeting with the eight military industrial groups of China,China Aerospace Science and technology Corporation, China Aerospace Science & Industry Corp, Aviation Industry Corporation of China, China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, China state shipbuilding corporation limited, China Electronics Corporation, China Electronics technology group corporation, China North Industries Corp,and more Chinese enterprises. As the flagship Brand of Climate and Environment Test in China, Yinhe is committed to providing first-class customization and service of climate environmental test equipment for military industry, automobile, communications, new energy and other industries. We also look forward to the joint development of friends who are interested in this field at home and abroad. And make a new journey together. 

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