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                    "INHREL Intelligent Model Selection Platform" Conference


                    On November 17, 2021, INHREL released the "Intelligent Model Selection Platform".
                    After more than two years of research and development, the "Intelligent Model Selection Platform" has been officially put into use. Improve the response efficiency to user needs and provide technical solutions efficiently.

                    INHREL insists focus on customer demand, choosing technical route, establishing theoretical model and other ways to deepen it’s concept of positive design and development, to ensure that products are designed and quality is controlled by the process. The conference mainly introduces the overall architecture of the platform, the use of methods, customer concerns and other aspects. Mr. Zhang Zhixian, general manager, said that this is an important node in the intelligent transformation of INHREL company, the subsequent company will continue to deepen the product intelligent reform and cloud platform construction, in quality control, equipment operation and maintenance and other aspects of the customer think, to provide customers with greater convenience, to achieve the real intelligent equipment itself.

                    all the staffs need to be one heart, customer demand-oriented, to provide customers with better performance, reliable quality products.
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