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                    INHREL is equipped with the Laser Welding System of Germany


                        As the saying goes: to do a good job, you must sharpen your tools.
                    Recently, Chongqing Yinhe Test Instrument Co., Ltd. (Hereafter referred to as INHREL) introduced The German TRUMPF Weld robot system to establish the world's first 9-meter super-large welding room laser welding flexible production workstation. This will effectively enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises, to lay a solid foundation to create better economic and social benefits.
                        TruLaser Weld 5000 is a turn-key system for automatic laser welding. It can flexibly weld deep and strong seams or nicely rounded, smooth seams using one system. Its characteristics are as follows.
                    ★Flexible laser welding: Embedded process library, parameters call convenience. Heat conduction welding, deep penetration welding, it is one button to switch, and can restrain the splash.
                    ★Personalized feeding: Two-axis positioner is suitable for most of the work-piece processing. Horizontal flip positioner is suitable for large and long axis type work-piece, and a clamping of multiple sets of work-piece.
                    ★Parallel programming: With the simple TruTops Weld programming system, can greatly improve the welding speed. Artifact programming can be done directly on the robot or easily in the office.
                    ★Stability and process consistency: TeachLine sensor system reduces re-teaching time and effort. Magnetic couplers can provide protection in case of collision; the robot with excellent repeatable positioning accuracy ensures a stable and repeatable production effect.
                        Traditional welding is prone to crack, porosity, incomplete penetration, incomplete fusion, slag inclusion, welding tumor, collapse, burn through and other phenomena; Laser welding is a deep and narrow weld, bright and beautiful weld, faster welding speed, gas is easy to be born into a non-porosity penetration weld.
                        The TruLaser Weld 5000 laser welding robot equipment introduced by INHREL is now in place, and employees are being organized to learn and skillfully use it.
                        INHREL through the introduction of new equipment, new technology, new process; Improve production efficiency, optimize manpower, improve product quality and beauty, and further enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises.
                    Chongqing Yinhe Experimental Equipment CO.,LTD. 2012 渝ICP備09054543號 技術支持:Hansa
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