About us
                    •       Chongqing Yinhe Experimental Equipment Co., Ltd, formerly known as Chongqing Test Equipment Factory, was founded in 1966. Yinhe is a professional manufacturer of environment and reliability test equipment, has rich experience in industry environment test equipment and possesses advanced design, manufacturing and management platforms and means. 
                    •       Design platform: Adopt DS company's CATIA V5 3D design software and SmarTeam management software combined into an advanced PDM software for products design management, which can realize the electronic prototype for products to fully meet the customized requirements of customers. 
                    •       Manufacturing platform: complete sets of sheet metal processing equipment (including laser cutting machine, NC shearing machine, NC hydraulic bending machine, CNC punching, etc.) from Swiss Bystronic Group, full-automatic painting line from Germany WAGNER have the ability of processing and manufacturing a high quality climate environment test equipment. 
                    •       Management platform: adopt ERP management system from SAP company, where management level and customer response time are improved significantly. 
                    • Quality control: ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environment management system certification and the perfect detection means ensure quality and reliability of products. 
                    •       Our company turns to become the international first-class environment and reliability test equipment manufacturers and solutions expert to provide the reliable, safe, environmental products and high quality professional services 
                    •       Facing to the future, Yinhe upholds a sincere business philosophy, inherits and carries forward the spirit of honest and trustworthy and forging ahead, takes the pursuit of excellence as our own belief and makes great efforts to improve our own core competitiveness to consistently create maximum value for the customers, employees, shareholders and society.

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