Company introduction

                        Chongqing Yinhe Experimental Equipment Co., Ltd, formerly known as Chongqing Test Equipment Factory, was founded in 1966. Our company is focused on the environment and reliability test equipment, and manufacturing and developing personalized service such as customized product. Our company is committed to provide the environment and reliability test equipment with leading design, safety, environmental protection, energy conservation and reliable quality, and industry solutions for helping customers to create maximum value.
                       Our company upholds a sincere business philosophy, and our brand strength keeps rising. More than 40 years of struggle and development, "Yinhe Equipment" has become a flagship and famous brand in domestic environment and reliability industry. Our company acts as the president unit of the national industry (environment and reliability) association for ten consecutive years. We not only win the favor of many global top 500 companies such as Cisco, Huawei, General Motors, Volkswagen, Bosch, Siemens, but also repeatedly obtain high affirmation and recognition from the military enterprise and research institutes governed by State Council, Central Military Commission, General Staff, assembly, various arms, etc. Yinhe has made outstanding contribution to China aerospace business and become the pride of the Chinese national industry.
                        Yinhe has the first domestic scientific research institutions specialized in environment test equipment research and development, and the only city-level technology center in this industry, possesses mature environment test development method and laboratory, and collects a batch of outstanding talents and famous experts in this industry, leading the technology development direction of the domestic environment test. At present, our company has some climate environment test equipment with independent intellectual property rights like temperature/humidity/vibration test chamber, speedy temperature change test chamber, thermal shock test chamber, high& low temperature low pressure test chamber, solar radiation test chamber, walk-in temperature and humidity test chamber and high wind speed raining test chamber, etc, and customized products, which achieve the country’s leading and international first-class level.
                       Yinhe holds the first-class design in the international same industry, reasonable and efficient process layout, advanced manufacturing technology, strict quality guarantee system and fine management based on ERP. Yinhe introduced DS company's CATIA V5 3D design software and SmarTeam management software combined into an  advanced  PDM software for products design management, ERP enterprise resource management system from Germany SAP, numerical control machining flexible production lines from Swiss Bystronic Group and full-automatic painting line from Germany WAGNER, which provide a reliable quality assurance for the development of environment test product.
                        Facing to the future, all the personnel of Yinhe have a dream of “creating a 100-year business”, inherit and carry forward the spirit of “honest and trustworthy and forging ahead”, persist in contributing our technology, products and wisdom for the customer sustainable development. Let  Yinhe, a modern, efficient, environmental and digital company, together with you create a new journey!
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