Company achievement:
                           ● The president unit of the national industry (environment and reliability) association
                           ● Be certified as “High and New Technology Enterprise”
                           ● Pass the ISO9001 quality system certification
                           ● Pass the ISO1400 environment management system certification
                           ● Pass the OHSAS 18001 occupational safety and health  system certification
                           ● 22 kinds of products have won the National Scientific Conference Award, Provincial and Ministerial Level Science and Technology Achievement Award, and Major Science and Technology Achievement Award.
                           ● Repeatedly obtain commendation from CPC central committee, State Council, Central Military Commission and National Defense Science & Technology Committee
                           ● CJ series thermal shock test chamber, CT series high&low temperature test chamber, SDJ series high&low temperature and humidity test chamber and KWGD(S) series speedy temperature change test chamber, etc are Chongqing “High and New Technology Products”.
                           ● Yinhe was commended by the "Shenzhou 5" related research units.
                           ● Yinhe manufactured the top-level laboratory environment and reliability test equipment, and solutions for Beidou navigation system user terminal.
                    Evolution of enterprise:
                           ● In 1966, Shanghai Dianli Instrument Factory moved to Chongqing and establishes Chongqing Test Equipment Factory
                           ● In 1978, Yinhe built "Chongqing Institute of Environment Testing Equipment", which was the first institute for specializing in test equipment research and development in china.
                           ● In 1991, YInhe entered "China Silian Instrument Group Co., LTD." and became the core of the group company.
                           ● In 1993, Yinhe passed the standard certification of “Second-Level Measurement Unit”.
                           ● In 1995, Yinhe appeared in the "National Quality Winners List" and became the only enterprise in the national environment testing equipment industry
                           ● In 1998, Yinhe successfully completed the shareholding system reform, built “Chongqing Yinhe Experimental Equipment Co., LTD." and became the "demonstration unit" of Chongqing system reform.
                           ● In 2000, Yinhe passed ISO9001 quality system certification
                           ● In 2000, Yinhe was certified as ‘High and New Technology Enterprise”
                           ● In 2003, Yinhe implemented the technological reform and introduced the CNC machining center from Swiss Bystronic Group and IBM software system to construct "digitalized factory”
                           ● In 2004, Yinhe implemented the 2nd technological reform, introduced the automatic spraying line from Germany Wagner and built the new standardized workshop.
                           ● At the end of 2005, Yinhe introduced Switzerland original laser cutting processing center which was put into use in February 2006.
                           ● At the beginning of 2007, Yinhe started to implement ERP from German SAP, and ERP was running in September of the same year.
                           ● In 2008, Yinhe passed ISO14001 environment management system certification
                           ● In 2010, our achievement rose continuously and strongly, and the growth rate of full-year sales revenue exceeded more than 20%.
                           ● In 2011, Yinhe passed OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety management system certification
                           ● In 2011, Yinhe began to implement the product platform strategy to meet the customized requirements of customers, and to provide stable, reliable and mature products at the same time.
                           ● In February 2012, Yinhe products appeared on CCTV news, and Yinhe contributes its light and heat to boost national economy.
                           ● In 2011 and 2012, our achievement made rapid progress, and the growth rate of full-year sales exceeded more than 15%.
                    Chongqing Yinhe Experimental Equipment CO.,LTD. 2012 渝ICP備09054543號 技術支持:Hansa
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